Ali & Associates, PA

We are an Immigration Law Firm that represents clients all over the United States. Our staff is fluent in Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. Ali & Associates, PA has the experience, skill, and passion to help navigate you through the immigration process. We are ready to help you achieve your American dream.


Trusted Lawyer

Whenever anyone encounters an issue, they want to have a trusted attorney who will help guide them throughout the entire process. I am glad I chose Assma Ali as my lawyer because she makes it all worth the money. She fights her battles wisely & does not let you down. I could not believe she was a starting lawyer because she knows exactly what she is doing.

Mr. Erik Moya

Assma is a wonderful attorney. She help me to renew my DACA. Without her help and the help of her excellent team, my DACA wouldn’t have been renew so quick. Currently, she is working on my I-130 case and am very satisfied by the way she taking care of business. If you ever need an excellent attorney don’t hesitate just call Assma and her great team.

Good Immigration Lawyer

She helped me file for my husband to come to the United States. she always answer my call and was nice to me.

Great Lawyer

She is a great lawyer. A friend recommended her to me because I was afraid of hiring a lawyer for the first time. She made the process easy, quick and always kept me updated.